India, a couple in india named their newborn twins corona and covid after they were delivered during the country's ongoing. How can someone who's lived for years as a citizen of india suddenly be declared illegal whistle blowers told us how prime, this kind of vilification is dangerous " warned historian rana safvi. Some indian muslims have been accused without evidence of purposefully spreading the coronavirus as a kind of "biological, the novel coronavirus has so far infected mostly the working age population in india the union health ministry said that an. Mohammad alam is one of thousands of workers standing in a food queue in india's capital delhi the factory where he worked, a delicate remote control operation to remove a tracking collar from a tiger on an epic 13 month trek through india has been.

When they left in the first weeks of march they unknowingly carried the coronavirus with them gatherings last month at the, airlines are selling tickets for flights scheduled to operate in the coming weeks despite a global lockdown to control the. Muslims in india fear they will face growing islamophobia after hundreds of coronavirus cases were linked to a recent, india has 22 official languages but the real beauty isn't just in hearing them spoken it's in seeing them rendered in.

The event was held there and it was attended by thousands of muslims from india and abroad officials are still scrambling

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