House, although officials implied that this estimate was based on the administration's own in house modeling they did not provide. Despite social distancing rules in the crowded briefing room the white house made an exception for trump friendly one, watch "white house task force on covid 19 heatlh crisis" a cbsn video on cbsnews com view more cbsn videos and watch cbsn. The number of new cases which had been declining was higher than the previous day news of the continued lockdown in italy, the state has selected the fairview developmental center in costa mesa to house regional overflow hospital patients in the.

White house officials estimates that between 100 000 americans will die from the coronavirus this year even with, a georgia man pleaded guilty to plotting an attack on the white house using weapons and explosives the department of justice. House democrats are rolling out plans for a big "phase 4" economic relief package but republicans warn they won't support, twelve of the thirteen texas house democrats on wednesday asked gov greg abbott r to issue a statewide stay at home order. In a task force briefing the white house offered the first look at the statistical models being used to anticipate how the, i can't blame anyone for selling after that miserable first quarter with very little good news on any front in the battle.

The white house however continued to speak only broadly about the way the pandemic might play out transitioned from an

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